Thursday, June 12, 2008

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2 hari lepas aku dapati aku tak boleh nak view blog aku sendiri nak buat camner kan, dah polisi tempat aku bekerja nie. So terima tanpa banyak songeh. Apa yang boleh dibuat hanya update jerlaa blog aku nie walau tak dapat nak melihat apa yang aku tulis. Maybe after my Mr.R decide to take whether stremyx or Jaring until then I have to put my thought and my mind using office PC and internet line hehehe...
Yesterday was a hectic day banyak keje nak buat then telefon plak tak reti nak duduk diam asyik berdering mohon perhatian. Layan jer laa bak kata Farah Fauzana. Last nite, I have a long chat with my Mr. R memacam gosip diciter ngan luahan perasaan sekalilaa sampai satu part I feel like alamak he only being a listener to all my grumble and my story things and I don't even ask about his day. So with a low tone voice I ask him "What did you do today" he just laugh a bit and said takpelah we have the whole weekend to talk about my day hehehe.....Sometimes I just hope this kind of understanding will last forever but only HIM knows what will happen in future. We just pray for the best. Amin.

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