Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dalam Senyum Ada Sakitnya...

Wow 2 entry in a day..very impressive hehehe....Actually as at pukul 11.00 tadi my mood goes upside down I feel sooo GERAMMM and MARAAHHHH but I have to keep smile and cool which is very hard to do and in same situation I feel like I am disturbing other people space with all my problems. Suddenly I feel like as an employee I am so depending to other people, uncommited, demoralized, talk to much nothing being done (peribahasa orang melayu kata macam ketuk tin kosong bunyi kuat tapi takde isi)etc,etc,etc and this people they have this smirk at their face try to tell me that "ohh how stupid this girl even the simplest thing she have to ask for help to others". I am a kind of person who like second opinion from others coz for me only other people will spot what mistake yang dah kita buat. And I hate treated like I did'nt do my job well which I've done long ago. If you need to know the status of what I'm doing ask nicely, don't makes face or raise your voice. What you feel if you get the same treatment from others. In other situation HUMILITION is a no-no thing in Personnel Studies but some people do that. For me eventhough its hurts me A LOT I try to muhasabah diri maybe its me who is wrong. Malu memang malu and the story will on and on and people will talks and remember it for as long as adecade but life must goes on. After almost 10 years here maybe I should ask for tranfer bak kata orang otak dah tepu you need something NEW something FRESH. Betullah kata one of my closeses friend this is a place where you can luahkan what you feel to make you feel good again bcoz even we have a very understanding partner they still don't understand what we've been through if we tell them bcoz MEN FROM MARS AND WOMEN FROM VENUS.

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