Thursday, March 5, 2009

Convocation Day

Last 2 days was Mr. R convocation day at PICC, Putrajaya, not Masters convocation but for his diploma in DPA. So we starts our day very early just to avoid traffic so we can reached Putrajaya on time, 7.45 to be exact. As usual instead of I'm attending the event as his 'loyal' wife ^_^ but also as his photographer (tak dapat upah punn). Everbody brings their loves ones to the events, I can see parents, siblings were also there just to celebrate their son, daughter,nieces,cousins who received the scroll that day or can I just say certificate coz its not fold like scroll ^_^, all with happy faces and feeling proud that day. And I'm also represent my MIL for his son (tingat plak time konvo ambik degree dulu huhuhu).
The ceremony took about 6 hours with all the speeches from KSN and former KSN which makes me dozz off and maybe becoz I'm not feeling very well that day (time tulaa nak pening kepala semua ada) and its ended exacty at 1pm and I was amazed with the Urusetia who managed to organized the event according to the time that have been set earlier. Kalau kat tempat aku keje nie selalula ada plus minusnya tapi banyak plus lee. After the ceremony continued with the photography session plak, meriah sungguh and officially they all now are government servant who have to serve for government and loyal to the goverment, nation before self (hmmmmmmm???????).

I'm proud of you!

With my junior, dia tukar bidang

Meriah sungguh..

Lunches are provided at the Perdana Ballroom, ala kadar jerlaa we had nasik goreng cina and ayam goreng and some kuih muih nak safe budget agaknya.....We reached home at about 4pm and I broke my promise to my big boss that I will come to the office after the ceremony (nak buat camnokan kalau tanduk dah tumbuh hehehe....)

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